Museum of Třinecké železárny and the town of Třinec


The Museum of Třinecké železárny and the town of Třinec is an institution with a permanent location that benefits the development of society and is open to the public. The museum acquires, stores and studies exhibits, organizes exhibitions and presents its collections to people in order to inspire and admire, as well as teach. It significantly contributes to creating a sense of belonging to the company, city, region, etc. It often has a representative function in relation to the place of its operation and participates in shaping the image of the company, the city of Třinec and the region. In many cases, the museum is an institution around which a large part of the city’s cultural life is concentrated.

The first mention of the establishment of the museum was made in 1964. On the initiative of the company’s management, specifically the company’s director Miroslav Boublík, the first steps are taken to establish a corporate museum in Třinec.

The task of the company museum was to provide the visitor with a picture of the development of iron metallurgy during the existence of Třinecké železárny, especially the development of all events in the steelworks and in the region. The company museum was also to have a practical significance in the field of promotion of Třinec production traditions, the good name of Třinec products.

It was difficult to decide on the location of the museum. In 1968, on April 3, a proposal was made for the location of the Třinecké železárny corporate museum. A total of seven buildings were selected and one of them was an adapted residential house from 1917, which was located in a colony of office buildings in Třinec.

Třinecké železárny – as a company with the longest tradition and at the same time the largest employer in the whole region, it has been operating its company museum since 1969. During its existence, it has gained a number of supporters, as evidenced by the ever-increasing number of visitors. Its mission and focus make it an absolutely unique institution in the region, and through it Třinecké železárny supports the cultural life of citizens through it. Intensive collection and supplementation of museum collections has created the preconditions for further expansion of the museum’s activities. As of 1 January 1992, Třinecké železárny concluded an agreement with the Municipal Office in Třinec on the joint operation of a museum – the Třinecké železárny Museum and the town of Třinec. The permanent exhibition was modified so that it adequately represented both the themes of the company and the city and the surrounding region.

Since 1994, regular so-called short-term exhibitions have begun, which have significantly contributed to a significant increase in the number of visitors to the museum. In 1997, the staircase of the museum was used for exhibition purposes, where the Na schodech Gallery was established, in which a number of leading artists and regional artists exhibit. After the reconstruction of the Permanent Exposition in 2019, the Museum currently manages these exhibition spaces – the Permanent Exposition, three rooms for short-term exhibitions and a gallery. The outdoor Werk Gallery was opened in the garden. The museum is used not only for exhibition purposes, but also for important visits by the company’s management and the city. During the school year, the museum organizes educational programs for primary and secondary school students and for the public.


Museum of Třinecké železárny and the town of Třinec
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