Musikhuset Esbjerg


The music house is in itself an experience, designed by the world-famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon, in collaboration with his son Jan Utzon (inaugurated 1997).

Musikhuset Esbjerg was designed by the world-famous architects Jan and Jørn Utzon and is with its 10,000 m2 Southwest Jutland’s cultural meeting place. Musikhuset Esbjerg is built together with Esbjerg Art Museum and centrally located in Esbjerg city center. In addition to the foyer and the two main rooms, the Great Hall and the Little Hall, the building complex houses a new theater hall, a lecture hall, a smaller meeting room, a café and a restaurant.

During the theater season September – May, the Great Hall and the theater hall form the framework for over 100 cultural events of a very different nature. In Lille Sal, among other things, the local Esbjerg Ensemble’s concerts. The foyer often hosts concerts and other cultural events, most of which are free to the public.

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Musikhuset Esbjerg
Havnegade 18 6700 Esbjerg
+45 76 10 90 00