Muzej istočne Bosne


The Museum of Eastern Bosnia is a museum in Tuzla. It has an ethnological, historical, biological, numismatic and art collection with its departments. Among the 50,000 exhibits, traces of the continuity of 6,500 years of life in the Tuzla region have been preserved. It belongs to the museums of complex species. It is equipped with a rich professional library. He publishes his own magazine, Articles and materials for the cultural history of eastern Bosnia. Before the Greater Serbia aggression on BiH, he exchanged for professional and scientific publications at home and abroad.

Since 1957, he has been publishing the professional magazine Articles and Materials for the Cultural History of Eastern Bosnia. Contributors to the journal were great archaeological authorities such as Đuro Basler, Milica Baum, Alojz Benac, Ivo Bojanovski, Borivoj Čović, Radmila Jovanović, Milica D. Kosorić, Veljko Milić, Dragoslav Srejović, Ivan Puš and others.


Muzej istočne Bosne
Džindić mahala 21
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