“A city like no other”

It’s a city that refuses to sell its soul to tourist traps and overpriced, subpar pasta dishes. Here, culture cannot be bought, sold or seen from the top of a hop-on-hop-off bus. The Neapolitan way of life is ingrained in every facet of the city and its people, from the thick slurry dialect and uncompromisingly perfect margherita pizza to its perpetually broken stop lights. And it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Getting to know Naples

Things to do

you could be in Naples on vacation and, therefore, seek beaches and beach clubs and maybe nice events, or be traveling to discover museums and archaeological sites and be interested in tours in Naples. 

Attractions & Places

The list of attractions and places in Naples that you must see is very long: just stroll around the historic center to understand that the points of interest in Naples are in every street, corner or alley.

Food & Restaurants

Whatever the reasons that drive you to visit Naples, here you will find the best places to eat in Naples.


The municipality of Naples
Palazzo San Giacomo, piazza Municipio, 80133 Naples
+39 081 7951111