Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija


The organization Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia was established on the principles and experiences of the international network Nomad Dance Academy (NDA), which is active in the Balkans and connected to other countries. The essential vision of NDA is to contribute to the professionalization of contemporary performing arts in Slovenia and the Balkans through a structure which is open and inclusive.
            The members of NDA Slovenia are involved in the development of artistic projects, production, festival curation, archiving, artistic direction of programs, advocacy, theory, and economy, as well as their intertwining.
            The following principles inform our working processes: the principle of invitation, the principle of balance, and the principle of open space. These make it possible for the organization to grow organically as well as to welcome new members, ideas, and projects, to strive for a constant balance and to preserve in all the activities a space that is unknown and which allows for continuous development.    


Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija
Jakopičeva 13 1000 Ljubljana Slovenija
+386 41 790 676