Odense Rygklinik




Odense Rygklinik is a specialized physiotherapy clinic, and we are experts in our field. We focus primarily on treating neck, lumbar, hip / pelvic or other back problems, as well as related sciatica and nerve pain. We are the only clinic in Odense that primarily focuses on neck, lumbar, hip / pelvic and other back problems. We believe that we can therefore give you the best treatment for your back problem, as we can maintain our focus here for the benefit of you.

Odense Rygklinik is an independent physiotherapy clinic. That is, we do not enter into a chain collaboration, or make closed agreements with health insurance. All patients who come to Odense Back Clinic get the same good service at the same price!

Morten Topholm, who is a licensed physiotherapist at Odense Back Clinic, is among the country’s most competent back therapists, is 49 years old and has 22 years of experience in the investigation and treatment of back-related problems. Morten is thoroughly manually trained with Exam. MT (Manual Therapy) and Cert. MDT (Mckenzie) and has a further education at Masters level, in addition to the basic education as a licensed physiotherapist.

Morten is also an approved certified clinician within musculoskeletal physiotherapy, which is a title acquired under the Danish Society for Physiotherapy, when you have a large amount of continuing education, as well as supervision within the specialty.

For the first consultation, please bring a possible referral from the doctor, possibly. surgical descriptions, MRI scans and other medically relevant papers regarding. your back. Please always bring your health insurance card and the first time this is used when creating your medical record. You can also ask your general practitioner to attach the information in a referral, so that we have all the relevant health professional information for your course of treatment – so we can best treat you.

You should like to wear clothes that you can move in when we examine and treat you. If you are going to training instruction, we ask you to wear training clothes and slippers, and bring a small towel, you do not need to bring the sheet, we have it for you and store it during your treatment.

You can get a free parking in the Parking Basement under Th. B. Thrigesgade and Odeon for up to 2 hours when you receive individual treatment at Odense Back Clinic. Use your own payment card when you park, and during the treatment you will receive a parking ticket, which eliminates the first 2 hours of payment for the parking,

Access is easiest at P21, which leads up to Torvegade 1. You must then go out to the passage between Vestergade and Overgade, and go right around the rebuilding at Overgade, then you hit Hafniahus – Torvegade 1, where Odense Rygklinik is located on the 4th floor

Licensed Physical Therapist is a National Board of Health protected title, which one can only acquire through education. As a licensed physiotherapist, we must, according to the Health Authorization Act, investigate and diagnose musculoskeletal problems. You can therefore at Odense Back Clinic both receive back treatment with and without a referral from a general practitioner or hospital. There is no price difference for you, whether you come with a referral or not, as we work outside the outer number.

The clinic has a comfortable treatment room with state-of-the-art treatment and training equipment. There is a back training hall for small back teams in the gym. There is room for 3-4 participants on the back teams, which takes place in collaboration with AOF Odense.


Odense Rygklinik
Hafniahus Torvegade 1, 4th floor 5000 Odense C.
40 82 64 92