Old monastery in Jablunkov


A unique monument from the middle of the 19th century. The old monastery was built in the years 1850-1856 and originally served as a hospital and facility for the Elizabethan convent, which cared for the sick.
The need for a monastery arose mainly due to the remoteness of Jablunkov.
Currently, the Old Monastery is gradually being reconstructed and visitors can see a unique building with many, especially architectural, attractions.
You can see, for example, historic clubs, Marian characters or an interesting heating system using many chimneys. Visitors also like the unique cloud well or historic stone ovens in which the convent baked bread. It is now possible to look into parts of the catacombs, which were discovered in 2018 and may be part of a larger system under the monastery itself, its
nearby and even some parts of Jablunkov.

The monastery houses the World Museum and the Bible Library, which offer many attractions from the mid-16th century to the present.


The town of Jablunkov
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