Olomouc City Hall


The Heart of the City and the Guardian of Time

The secular counterpart of the monumental Holy Trinity Column is the originally gothic building of the city hall dating from the 14th century. Its tall tower is the perfect place for watching the swarming streets as well as the elegant curves of statues on the unique column from above. An integral part of the city hall building is the five-hundred-year old astronomical clock, one of the few heliocentric specimens of its kind in the world.  The city hall is crowned by the 75 m high tower that you can ascend to several times a day and marvel at the city’s artistic gems from a bird’s eye perspective. Next to the City Hall tower there is an astronomical clock with its central dial showing planet positions in the zodiac. The astronomical clock has been rebuilt several times in its history and equipped with various types of moving figures. At the end of the Second World War it was severely damaged and its current appearance is a testimony to the experiments of “real socialism”. If you want to see the clockwork in motion, make sure you go there at 12:00 sharp, because it performs only once a day.


Olomouc City Hall
Horní náměstí 583, 77911 Olomouc
+420 585 513 385