Oroszlány is a city in Hungary, Komárom-Esztergom county, Central Transdanubia region, located on the North-West flanks of the Vértes Mountains. It has a population of 20.487. The main tourist attraction of the town is the 18th-century Camaldolese monastery of Majk.


Water tower – Haraszthegy

Built in the 1960s, the monster is unique in the country in terms of shape. During its heyday, it provided water to the entire city, and is currently the central reservoir for the area. However, since its construction, it has been one of the symbols of the city, rising near the downtown of Oroszlány, at the top of Haraszt Hill, so it can be seen from many points of Oroszlány. Its stem offers a beautiful view of the city and the forests surrounding the town.

City Gate – Fürst Sándor Street

The city gate has been a symbol of Leo since its construction in 1958 . Initially, the city library was housed within its walls. After the city’s house of culture was built, the building lost its function because the library moved there. From then on condition deteriorated and that only the 1990s carried out restoration braked it. Its function is not yet clear, although it is one of the most impressive buildings in the city .

Oroszlány Mining Collection – former XX mine.

Catholic Church – Haraszthegy

The church was built according to the plans of János Ripszán, and was consecrated in 1994 . Perhaps it is more appropriate to talk about a church complex, as the complex includes not only the church, but also the religious classroom and the parish . The diocese of Győr started the construction, but the completion took place under the patronage of the diocese of Székesfehérvár . The patron saint of the church is St. Joseph the Worker , his farewell day is May 1.

Lutheran church

The first church of the Lutherans in Oroszlány was built in 1702 and then rebuilt when it proved to be small. The single-nave , classicist- style church , which can still be seen today , was consecrated in 1787 , five years after the closure of the Majald Kamalduli hermitage . This is an important thing in the history of the church, as the locals had access to the furnishings of the imposing Majk church: the main altar, the pulpit, and the columns holding the porch also came from there. The 30-meter-high tower had three bells until World War I, but two were taken for military purposes. The missing bells were replaced in 1923 , but in World War II the middle one was reclaimed, which was replaced in 2018. The words of the three-and-a-half-bell ringing at noon are heard far from the center of Oroszlány-Ófalu, the ringing of the bell can be heard throughout the city.

Poplar well

It is customary to call a public space work Topolyfa or simply Topolya. It was erected by the city as the lion’s seed, the village’s 300th anniversary. The composition is the work of György Kugl , a sculptor from the city. There are smaller paving stones around the central element forming the stylized tree, in one of which a drinking well is hidden. On more prominent days in the city, water flows from the top of the “tree,” completing the monument.

Slovak Nationality Country House

The Slovak country house was opened in 1987 in a farmer’s house built at the end of the 19th century . The kitchen and rooms of the three-storey residential house were decorated in an interior style , mainly selected from objects collected in the settlement. Of the exhibited objects, the garments depicting the former lioness’s clothing and the tangible tools of everyday life are of particular interest, but in the barn closing the courtyard, in addition to the tools of farming, a chariot can also be seen. The summer kitchen opposite the house and the cellar below it faithfully showcase the traditional set of tools for dairy farming and viticulture. In order to supplement the low income of the local population with lard cooking and lime burning, also dealt with transportation. The exhibition also commemorates these crafts.

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