Its prominence in the plastics industry has earned it the name Plastics Valley.

Oyonnax is the second most populated commune in the Ain department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in eastern France. Its residents are known as Oyonnaxiens. Oyonnax lies in a valley of the Jura Mountains in the far north of Ain. It is near the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Jura. The city is on the river Ange. The name of the city means “peninsula of the sheep” ( Oyo Naxos in Greek), according to the historian Bacon-Tacon. 


Places and monuments 

  • The Great Vapor . This monument was renamed, the “Great Vapor” originally designating another older building which supplied energy through steam and which belonged to the Industrial Motor Company .
  • Brunet House, former town hall 
  • Place de la Croix-Rousse. This square is located in the heart of a district (in full redevelopment) which bears the same name.
  • Gothic church Veyziat Place Saint-Clair, it was built in the xv th and xvi th  centuries, and is dedicated to St. Clair. Dated murals of the late xiv th  century, early xv th  century, were found under a layer of plaster.
  • Saint-Léger church, place Émile Zola, restoration of the church (1839), by the architect Chenavard .
  • Notre-Dame Church, La Plaine district , rue Normandie Niemen (modern) designed by the architect Pierre Pinsard. It was completed in 1969 and inaugurated in 1970. The first priest was Abbé Morel. The brutalist-inspired church is made of concrete. It was carried out by the company Billiez-Godet of Oyonnax under the supervision of René Collet, site manager.
  • Chapelle Sainte Madeleine, rue de la Chapelle in Bouvent .
  • Evangelical church, rue des Sources in Geilles.
  • Kingdom Hall, Sauges district in Geilles.

In the district of “la Plaine” is located the Aragon cultural center which houses, among others, two theaters (640 and 100 seats), the National School of Music and Dance, and the Comb and Plastics Museum . This museum will eventually be moved to the “Great Vapor”. You can see collections of ornamental combs, plastic dresses by designer Paco Rabanne and the history of plastics.

Apart from sports associations, the town has an associative fabric of more than 50 associations.

Natural heritage 

Oyonnax is a town in bloom with two flowers awarded by the National Council of towns and villages in bloom of France to the competition of towns and villages in bloom. Within the town there are many green spaces and walks, such as:

  • the Genin lake  ;
  • the Bretouze sports course;
  • the Sarsouille trail;
  • René-Nicod park;
  • the Oyonnalite park;
  • many squares.


The red wine sausage is one of the typical recipes of the commune.


  • The winter festival, mid-December
  • Spring Festival, March
  • Carnival
  • Parade of classes (the 1 st  Saturday in June)
  • The water festival, September


Oyonnax Town Hall
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