Palazzo Trinci


Palazzo Trinci, residence of the family that ruled the city between 1305 and 1439, is the result of a renovation of pre-existing buildings carried out between 1389 and 1407 by Ugolino Trinci. 

It is accessed through a Gothic staircase, currently inside the Palace, which leads to the Loggia frescoed with the legend of the foundation of Rome. From here the rooms of the noble floor branch off. The Chapel is decorated with the Stories of the Virgin (Ottaviano Nelli – 1424). From an arched door you enter the Hall of Arts and Planets, where the liberal arts are represented (Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, Music, Dialectics, Grammar combined with Philosophy), the seven planets and the seven ages of man symbolized from one hour of the day. 

The same theme returns in the arch that connects the palace with the cathedral. It is in the Sala degli Imperatori, originally used as a public hall, that the grandeur of Rome celebrates its splendor. We are in the center of an open porch overlooking the countryside: a real garden of life. Inscribed in the center of each arch, a great of its history, shown as an example of greatness and virtue. 

The frescoes were recently assigned to Gentile da Fabriano, thanks to the discovery of an important document and dated 1411-12. The Palace is the seat of the Archaeological Museum and the town’s picture gallery.


Palazzo Trinci
Piazza della Repubblica 10 - 06034 Foligno PG