Parc Phœnix


Parc Phœnix is a 7-hectare (17-acre) botanical garden and zoo in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France. The park has an inner body of water. The park is divided into several zones, such as a tropical zone, a Mediterranean garden, and areas reserved for animals.

he park consists mostly of a large greenhouse with a large pool, hosting animals such as pelicans, swans, ducks and turtles. Other animals living in the park live in cages. The greenhouse in the park, with an area of 7,000 square metres (75,000 sq ft) and a height of 25 metres (82 ft), is one of the largest greenhouses in Europe and is divided into seven zones.


Parc Phœnix
405 Prom. des Anglais, 06200 Nice, France