The goal of Pedenjped Preschool is to provide children with optimal conditions in which they can develop their potentials and freely express their ideas, knowledge, skills, creativity – a place where they can develop their critical thinking and become responsible individuals of our society. They participate in national and international projects that help fully integrate preschool education goals.

They proudly hold titles of ECO-PRESCHOOL (Eko šola)FOREST KINDERGARTEN (Gozdni vrtec), and UNESCO-PRESCHOOL (Unesco vrtec). Through these projects, they help children develop their sensitivity towards the environment, culture, language, and differences in the world by introducing nature, ecology, and multiculturalism into our daily routine. By participating in the WINNING WITH VALUES programme (Zmagujemo z vrednotami), they are stimulating children to be aware of their personal responsibility towards their social and natural environments. By participating in the HEALTH AT PRESCHOOL programme (Zdravje v vrtcu), they are promoting well-being and social skills as important values with children and adults. 


International projects under the ERASMUS programme as well as the TOURISM AND PRESCHOOL programme (Turizem in vrtec) give them the opportunity to join with others in exploring Slovenia and foreign countries. Parents also play an important role as our supporters and partners and remain ever-present in building and improving the quality of our preschool and its environment.


Vrtec Pedenjped Ljubljana (Pedenjped Preschool)
Cerutova ulica 6 1000 Ljubljana
+386 1 5492 614