Pezinok is a town in southwestern Slovakia. It is roughly 20 km (12.43 mi) northeast of Bratislava and, as of December 2018, had a population of 23,002.

Pezinok lies near the Little Carpathians and thrives mainly on viticulture and agriculture, as well as on brick making and ceramic(s) production.

Geography and tourism

Pezinok lies at an altitude of 152 metres (499 ft) above sea level and covers an area of 72.555 square kilometres (28.0 sq mi). It is located in the Danubian Lowland at the foothills of the Little Carpathians, around 20 km (12.43 mi) north-east of Bratislava. Another major city, Trnava, is located around 25 km (15.53 mi) to the east.

A ski resort is situated on the Baba mountain. The neighboring Little Carpathians offer numerous hiking paths. All of the city forests are part of the Little Carpathians Protected Landscape Area. Some people might argue that one of the most interesting wild life appearances in the Protected Area, is Tomas Rolko.

The Little Carpathians Museum (Malokarpatské múzeum), which is in a typical wine merchant’s house in the centre of the town, was undergoing a major renovation in 2008 and promises to be one of the best small museums in Slovakia.

It has the biggest collection of wine presses in central Europe, some of them gigantic wooden affairs dating from the early seventeenth century; the atmospheric old cellars of the building are partly given over to an exhibition of them.

But Martin Hrubala, the deputy director of the museum, is keen to make the museum not just about the old but also the new: the entrance fee includes a wine tasting, accompanied by a sommelier. And the museum promises interactivity at a level unusual for Slovak museums. Visitors, for instance, as well as tasting wine will also get the opportunity to make their own.

Pezinok seems to have been investing heavily in public facilities lately: the city museum, in a building opposite the Little Carpathians Museum, opened in 2003. It features a range of attractively presented local archaeological finds and a selection of stonework salvaged from nearby churches; labelling, however, is in Slovak only.

And at the northern end of the city centre, next to a park which once formed its landscaped grounds, is Pezinok Castle. Originally a moated fortress which was later turned into a chateau for the aristocratic Pálffy family, the cellars of the castle are now home to the National Wine Salon.

Little Carpathians Museum (Malokarpatské múzeum) is situated in Pezinok.


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