Piarist temple


he Baroque church will surely captivate you at first sight. The breathtaking building rises on top of the castle hill and is definitely not to be missed. The church was closed for a long time and reopened to the public after many decades only in 2014, when a demanding repair was carried out according to the project of Marek Štěpán. 

Inside you will find three works by the world-famous artist Václav Cigler and his colleague Michal Motyčka using solid glass and laser technology. You can also visit the lookout between the two towers and the exhibition Angels on the Hill located on the porches. 

The Up to Angels program is prepared for children in the temple. The church is connected to the Piarist dormitory, once the seat of members of the order. The Faculty of Restoration of the University of Pardubice now operates here.


Piarist temple
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