Pilis is a town in Pest County, Hungary.

Points of interest 

  • Beleznay Castle – One of the oldest castles in the county , a U-shaped, Baroque style castle built by the landlord János Beleznay (with an Italian master after the peace in Satu Mare ) . The building is one of the outstanding examples of Baroque castle architecture from the time of Maria Theresa . The Baroque-style two-storey main building, still in the middle of a large park, is surrounded on both sides by towers, which are joined by one-storey side wings and form a cozy inner courtyard. In the castle, a number of writers visited, including József Kármán , who wrote his work The Traditions of Fanni , a fine depiction of the girl’s soul. The Second World War after first a daughter’s home and then an educational institution was added to the building, today a primary school and dormitory.
  • The city is home to the fifth largest Lutheran congregation in the country (6,500 people). The Baroque church was built in several steps in the late 18th century , largely at the expense of the Beleznay family. Inside the vault there are galleries resting on an arched opening. The altar integrated into the pulpit was made in 1903 using classicist elements-
  • Hegyeki cellar row – rivals its beauty and orderliness with the country’s famous Hajósi cellar row .
  • Visitors to the city can get a rich program at the Csilló riding school, which has been operating for several years, where the Csilló riding days are held every year. There is also a residential riding school here, mainly for children.
  • On the outskirts of the town ( from Monorierdő ) is the “SIPITO” Recreation Park.
  • The area of ​​the source of the Gerje stream, which has been re-enchanted in recent years, will be expanded with recreational parks. The landscape forms a cohesive unit with the Millennium and Millennium Memorial Park, established in 1996. With its unique flora and fauna, this landscape in Hungary can offer an extraordinary attraction at any time of the year.


By road Pilis is easiest to reach on the main road 4 passing through its center and on the M4 motorway, which bypasses its inner area from the north , from Budapest as well as from the larger cities further away ( Szolnok , Debrecen ). From her neighbors to the north kava in 3123’s Road , Summer church of the 4606-os road connects. One boundary edge touches the south of the 405 highway and Monor Dánszentmiklós running 4605 Series road to the east and the Nagykáta – Albertonalso road 3115 between .

Among the domestic railway lines, it is affected by the Budapest – Cegléd – Szolnok railway line , which has a stop here, Pilis railway station .


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