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Medical facilities

We provide health care in several places in Prague and in Kladno. Our doctors always try to meet the needs of our clients as much as possible. We emphasize prevention, patient education and a comprehensive approach. Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of our services and the growing number of satisfied clients.

Health is the most valuable thing a person has and therefore he should take care of his protection and care for him. There are many definitions of health, but it was well described by prof. The Rector: “Health is an important component of human potential. It is both a prerequisite and a necessary condition for social application, productivity and individual satisfaction of each person, and it has the character of a target need. It forms an important component of living standards and the health status of the population is often used as a measure of the maturity of society. Thus, health is both a source and a goal (or one of the sources and goals) of the functioning of human society. “

Under the name and link Poliklinika Praha, you will find our group of non-governmental medical facilities providing broader medical care at a high level of European standard. Care is provided by doctors, specialist clinics and complement. These services are followed by the operation of a modern pharmacy. This medical facility, of course, works closely with teaching hospitals and its follow-up inpatient and specialized care. Many doctors in our surgeries are, by their professional history, personally firmly tied to the hospital departments in which they began their professional careers. To this day, many are also external employees of the hospital to maintain their high level of expertise and professionalism. The subject of business activities of our companies is the permanent building of medical surgeries for professional medical care – specialists.

We always emphasize professionalism, international standards and, above all, dialogue with the patient in all medical facilities. Therefore, the client of our facilities will always be the patient, who expects, in addition to the obvious professional expertise, also a human and receptive approach, both on the part of the doctor and on the part of the medical staff.

We believe that all our medical facilities or outpatient clinics – whether at the Michnova, Chomutovická, Žižkov, Spořilov, Kladno or Hostivice Polyclinics, can satisfy all your needs and wishes.


Polyclinic Most
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