Ponza Island


Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands and is accessible via regular ferries leaving from Naples, Terracina and Anzio.

This wonderful rock is the most populous of the islands and is a great place to explore to escape from the busy city life.

The main establishment of Ponza is the town of the same name that is located in the southern region of the island – here you can find a beautiful harbour and a series of restaurants and bed and breakfast hotels.

On the opposite side of the island, just a 10 minute walk from Ponza town is the wonderful hidden beach of Chiaia di Luna that is surrounded on one side by large cliffs.

Alternatively, if sunbathing is not your thing, you can take the local bus or hire a bike to explore the other regions of this fantastic island.


Ponza Island, Pro Loco of Ponza
Via Molo Musco