Porto istana Beach


The turquoise waves flow on the surface of the sea creating an effect of light and colors reminiscent of crystal. The white sand covers the beach creating a dazzling contrast with the shades of the water. The bay of Porto Istana rises at the foot of Capo Ceraso , a granite promontory in the hamlet of Murta Maria within the gulf (and territory) of Olbia , from which it is about twenty minutes by car.

The bay is a set of four beaches separated by small rocky bands. It is bordered by pink granite and surrounded by the greenery of Mediterranean shrubs: rock rose, strawberry tree, heather, holm oak and olive. All four coves, named with ordinal numbers starting from the north, are characterized by a bottom of very fine white sand, which slopes gently towards the emerald colors of the sea, therefore particularly suitable for children. On the beach you will enjoy the panorama offered by the vertical grandeur of Tavolara, you will take relaxing sunbaths or in the paradisiacal waters of the protected marine area.


Porto istana Beach, Municipality of Olbia
Via Dante 1, 07026, Olbia