Plastics processing

We are able to process most commonly available materials, including materials containing glass and other fillers.
We manufacture plastic parts for suppliers of renowned global manufacturers of cars, buses, etc., where our products are part of air conditioning, wiring and car interiors.
In the construction industry, these are water drainage solutions, protective packaging elements.
We can also offer our customers additional modifications to pressed parts, such as marking or assembly of units.
  • We will advise you on the most suitable material for the given application
  • We provide design and production of the mold with respect to the economics of the project
  • We adapt production, packaging and delivery to customer requirements
We are a purely Czech company, which has been dealing with plastic injection molding, rubber molding and assembly of workshop units since 2007.
We offer our customers a professional and fair approach, thanks to which we strive to build long-term relationships. We offer the highest commitment not only in solving large orders for established multinational companies, but also for start-ups and developing companies.
Our strengths include professionalism in the field, the ability to respond quickly to customer requirements, an offer with the best possible ratio of quality and price.

Rubber processing

We process natural and synthetic rubbers.
We currently offer free capacities on the classic 600×600 press.
We are able to process customer material or select and deliver material from our long-term partners.
Our specialization includes damping elements for the automotive industry.
We have experience with parts where rubber is pressed onto metal.
In this case, we ensure complete production, including surface treatment of the metal so that sufficient adhesion is guaranteed according to requirements and standards.
  • In cooperation with our partners, we will provide the most suitable material
  • Turnkey delivery – design and production of molds
  • Due to the technology used, we will design the most economical solution


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