Provincial Health Authority of Syracuse


From 1 September 2009, in compliance with the regional health reform law n. 5 of 2009, the two health authorities present in Syracuse ceased: Ausl 8 and Umberto I hospital with the merger of the two companies and the establishment of the Provincial Health Authority of Syracuse – Registered office Corso Gelone 17 Syracuse – 96100 – Tax Code / VAT number: 01661590891 – switchboard 0931 724111.

The legal representative of the Company is the Extraordinary Commissioner Salvatore Lucio Ficarra.

It is a body with legal personality under public law with entrepreneurial autonomy. 

The territorial activity is provided through the Health Districts (click here)Syracuse, Noto, Augusta and Lentini which are part of the Company’s territorial area. 

The hospital activity is provided through the hospitals of Syracuse, Noto-Avola Lentini and Augusta.

PO Umberto I of Syracuse 
Medical Director: Dr. Giuseppe D’Aquila – via Testaferrata 1 – Tel. 0931724290 Fax 093166132 Mail 
: g .daquila @   –
Presidium A. Rizza
Medical Director of the Dr. Paolo Bordonaro Presidium – viale Epipoli 72 Syracuse – tel. 0931 724111 – Medical management tel. 0931 724502 ​​fax 0931 491723 mail

P.O. Avola- Noto / Hospital of Trigona di Noto
 Medical Director of the Presidium: dr. Rosario Di Lorenzo via dei Mille 98 Noto – 093 \ 890335 fax 0931 890334 email ds.

P.O. Avola – Noto / Di Maria Hospital of Avola  Medical Director of the Presidium Dr. Rosario Di Lorenzo c.da Chiusa Di Carlo Avola tel. 0931 582111 Health Department: tel. 0931 582277 fax 0931 582278 email: ds.

P.O. di Lentini  Medical Director: Dr. Eugenio Vinci – C.da Colle Roggio Lentini via dell’Ospedale – Tel. 095 909508/09 Fax 095 909507 Mail: P.O. Muscatello di Augusta Medical Director: Dr. Rosario Di Lorenzo – C.da Granatello Augusta tel. 0931 989111 Health Department: 0931 989031 fax 0931 989018 email:

The ASP of Syracuse guarantees citizens in the territorial area of ​​the Municipalities belonging to the province of Syracuse basic health services, specialist outpatient intra and extra hospital services, prevention in living and working environments and hospital admissions.
The simple and complex organizational structures of the Company are grouped into structural or functional Departments based on the homogeneity, affinity or complementarity of their reference system:


Provincial Health Authority of Syracuse
Corso Gelone 17 - Syracuse
0931 484907