Proximedia Group


Proximedia Groep is a Belgian media group.


  • Proximedia Belgium: the oldest branch of the Proximedia Group. It makes websites and provide support for their customers. Similar branches are Proximedia France and Proximedia Nederland.
  • Bizbook Channel: specialised in creating corporate videos for SMEs.
  • Click+ offers the management of Google Adwords campaigns. This contains advertising in Google’s search results.
  • Globule Bleu: specialised in digital campaigns for larger companies or organisations.
  • Online: an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides internet access, domain names, hosting of websites and data centers, email service, etc.
  • Bizbook: an online guestbook where users can post reviews on the products and services of a company.
  • Promobook: an online service which can be used to print promotions and coupons.
    • MasterBill


Proximedia Group
Bd. De l'Humanité 237 1620 Drogenbos
02 349 23 43