Prva gimnazija (Sarajevo)


The First Gymnasium in Sarajevo is the oldest secondary school in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded in 1879 by a decree of the Provincial Government, and by a decision of the Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King Francis Joseph. School Day is celebrated on April 6.


The first director of the school was dr. Ivan Branislav Zoch. In the first school year, the school had 42 students. Until 1919, the grammar school was a men’s school. The first building in which the school is located was the Ruzdija building in Halilbašićeva Street, after which the school moved to Salom’s building on the corner of Jefićeva Street near the Sarajevo Cathedral. The school moved to today’s building in 1889.

The school won the second prize at the Austro-Hungarian school exhibition in Trieste in 1883, leaving behind schools from Vienna and Budapest.

The teaching language of the school was “Balkan earth language with Latin and Cyrillic alphabets”. The school was very well equipped, and the classrooms, textbooks and textbooks were arranged according to the highest didactic standards and achievements of that time.


Prva gimnazija (Sarajevo)
Gimnazijska 3, Sarajevo, 71000