Pusztaszabolcs is a town in Fejér county, Hungary.


  • Reformed Church
  • Roman Catholic church, early baroque organ
  • 375 Series Steam Locomotive (Exhibited at the Station)


The city lies at the junction of roads 6205 and 6207 ; the 6209 road also passes through the administrative area and the suburban part of Felsőcikolapuszta ; Upper cycle is connected to the city center by road 62 112 . Budapest is 50 km away , Székesfehérvár is 35 km out of the two county towns of the county , and Dunaújváros is 30 km away from the settlement. Lake Venice and the Danube are about 10 to 10 km from the city .


Pusztaszabolcs railway station is a railway junction. The Pusztaszabolcs – Dunaújváros – Paks railway line and the Pusztaszabolcs – Székesfehérvár railway line branch out of the Budapest – Pusztaszabolcs railway line / Pusztaszabolcs – Pécs railway line from the main railway line . Suburban trains connect with Budapest, Dunaújváros , Sárbogárd , Dombóvár , Székesfehérvár . With the exception of the Székesfehérvár line, Stadler FLIRT type modern motor trains run in all directions , but from April 2019 the modernized trains of Székesfehérvár also have modern trains: Siemens Desiromotor trains replaced the previous Bzmots .

Pusztaszabolcs can be approached the fastest by road from the M6 motorway , but it can also be reached from the M7 . The road 6207 between Adony and Venice passes through the settlement , and it also connects it with Besnyő ( 6205 ) and Szabadegyháza ( 6209 ). Buses arrive in Székesfehérvár and Venice several times a day.

Parts of town 

  • Felsőcikolapuszta is located more than 3 km south of the center. According to 2011 data, the resident population was 149 people and the number of apartments was 45. 
  • Paksidűlő is located 2.5 km from the center of Pusztaszabolcs, in a south-southeast direction. According to 2011 data, its resident population was 8 and the number of dwellings was 1. 
  • Szabolcspuszta It is located 1 km west of the center of Pusztaszabolcs. According to 2011 data, the resident population was 97 people and the number of dwellings was 16. A company called Pusztaszabolcsi Agrár Zrt. Operates in Szabolcspuszta . 


Pusztaszabolcs City Self-Government - Mayor's office
2490 Pusztaszabolcs, Velencei u 2.
+36 25 273 036