Qalet Marku Tower


Situated on Malta’s picturesque North coast, in the area of Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, Qalet Marku tower is the third of thirteen watchtowers constructed during the reign of Grandmaster De Redin. Dating back to 1658, it was built to give warning of approaching pirate ships which were rife in Maltese waters at the time.

Like De Redin’s other towers, Qalet Marku is square in shape, with two storeys and a turreted roof. In 1741 a fougasse was dug into the rocks nearby, though this is believed to have been lost for many years. By 1743 the building was no longer operational, however, it was rearmed with a three-pounder cannon in 1792, under the order of the Congregation of War.
When Malta came under British Rule a guard room was built in front of the tower, though this no longer remains. Restored in recent years, Qalet Marku is in good condition, and continues to serve as a magnificent adornment to Malta’s breathtaking coastline.


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