Radartoren ‘Ouden Doel’


At the intersection of the Scheldedijk with the Zoetenberm, the Radar Tower stands out, which helps to keep shipping traffic on the Western Scheldt on the right track. A spiral staircase takes you to a platform, 8 meters high, where the harbor, the polders and the Scheldt lie at your feet. 

Radar towers provide essential information to facilitate navigation and decisions on board the ships. This is not an unnecessary luxury due to the increasingly intense shipping traffic, the increase in shipping dimensions and the number of ships calling at the port of Antwerp.

Anyone walking or cycling along the Scheldt and in the polders is always amazed at the great diversity of the area. Behind every bend or dyke, a new surprise emerges. ACCESSIBILITY

The radar tower is not accessible by car. It is best to park at the information desk at the Weslangeweg / Zoetenberm junction. Cyclists and hikers can easily navigate along the dikes. It is therefore a paradise for ornithologists, ship spotters, hikers and cyclists.


Radartoren 'Ouden Doel'
9130 Beveren, Belgium