Rakamaz is a city ​​in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county , in the Nyíregyháza district . The western gate of the county.


  • Queen Elizabeth Obelisk – In memory of the Queen ‘s visit in 1854 , it was erected by the chamber next to the main road 38 connecting Rakamaz with Tokaj , which was also named after Queen Elizabeth .
  • Calvary – In the middle of the 19th century , the stations were erected on an artificial hill in the middle of the settlement. A chapel was also built here, built by local farmer János Scherflek in 1863 , but in 1944 it was blown up by retreating German troops.
  • Tarsal plates from the time of the Hungarian conquest were found on Strázsa Hill in Rakamaz in 1974 .
  • Kossuth statue in Kossuth park ( by János Horvay )
  • Turul statue 
  • Great Morotva Water Educational Trail – 2012 . handed over on 29 November . At the end towards Tokaj is the Great Turtle House , which serves as a visitor center and exhibition hall, and at the other end is the Little Turtle House , which showcases the surrounding fauna. The two buildings got their name from their shape.


It is located at the confluence of the mountains and the Great Plain , on the left bank of the life-giving Tisza River, and has been inhabited since ancient times. The settlement was built in the center of the semicircle described by the river Tisza, where the wreath of the Zemplén Mountains guides the Bodrog into the Tisza in a large arc .

The settlement , located 30 km from the county seat, Nyíregyháza , is separated from Tokaj by the river Tisza, while it is bordered by the villages of Timár to the northwest and Tiszanagyfalu to the southeast . The backwaters of the Tisza surround the settlement in a semicircle. It can be approached on road 38, the Szerencs – Nyíregyháza railway line passes through its territory .

The climate is moderately warm and dry. The birds and flora of the Great Morotva (backwater) are rare and valuable. Forest associations are made up of noble summers and acacias. The soil was chernozem formed on loess material and covariate brown forest soil, meadow casting soil. Young raw casting soil along the river . It is one of the oldest settlements in the county.


Rakamaz City Mayor's Office
onkormanyzat @ rakamaz.hu
4465 Rakamaz, Szent István út 116.
(42) 570-700