Who we are

We have been an outpatient non-governmental medical facility (NZZ) in Český Krumlov and Kaplice, providing comprehensive services in the field of medical rehabilitation since 1996.

Why come to us

Our team consists of professional university-educated and graduated physiotherapists trained in certified methodologies and professional seminars.

How we came into being

Vlasta Grabcová founded NZZ in 1996 in Kaplice, where she began working with the rehabilitation physician MUDr. D. Kubíček and sponsored the entire outpatient rehabilitation workplace itself.

Over the years, the rehabilitation clinic expanded to include both premises and other physiotherapists.

After graduating from Charles University in the field of physiotherapy and several years abroad, her daughter Miroslava Grabcová joined the team and together in 2014 they established a branch at the Polyclinic in Český Krumlov, where they work with local general practitioners, orthopedists and neurologists.

Our goal is to show patients modern approaches in the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, where the therapist is often the patient himself and there is no need for other unnecessary interventions.


TGM 188 381 01 Český Krumlov
776 334 407