Répcelak is a town in Vas county, Sárvár district .

It is located in the southern part of the Kisalföld , on the right bank of the Répce , which runs parallel to the Rába . The neighboring settlements: from the north to Csán , from the east to Rábakec , from the south to Nick , from the south-west to Vámoscsalád , and from the north-west to Répceszemere . In addition to the above, its administrative boundary also contacts the area of Dénesfa for a short distance from the north .


Its first documentary mention is known as Lak , known from 1390 , then it may have been a typically noble settlement. Most of the serfs paid tribute to the castle of Sárvár . In 1707 , the Austrian warlord Count Stahremberg received a delegation from the people of Kőszeg, but he continued to function as a not very important agricultural village until the 19th century .

The boom of the settlement began in the 1870s . The then owner of the village, Kálmán Radó, the former chief lord of Vas county, made several more serious investments in Répcelak: a church, a post office and a telegraph were built in the settlement, which had already become the seat of the district notary. It is also the merit of the landlord that the settlement was affected by two railways: the section between the Hegyeshalom – Szombathely railway line and the Fertőszentmiklós – Celldömölk section of the Fertővidéki Local Interest Railway, which has since been closed down ; the two lines intersected here.

By the middle of the 20th century , the first industrial facility, a dairy and a cheese factory, was established in 1905 , almost exclusively in an agricultural village . More serious industrialization only the Second World War began after after 1945 in carbon dioxide drilled Fountain on the outskirts of town, which Répcelak Carbonic acid factory installed. From the 1950s onwards, it became a dominant settlement in the area, its population began to grow, more and more public institutions were established and infrastructure investments were made.


As a settlement in Kisalföld , significant mechanized agricultural production takes place in Répcelak . But the industry is also outstanding in the city. There is a carbon dioxide cartridge factory, a cheese factory and a gas industry facility in the settlement. The service and commercial sectors are also developed in the city.

In the 1980s, a food supplement called Sportrobi was made at the Répcelak cheese factory . 

Main sights

  • Radó Castle
  • Church of King St. Stephen


Répcelak Joint Local Government Office
9653 Répcelak, Bartók Béla u. 38.
95 / 370-101