ReproGenesis is a a fertility clinic located in a beautiful villa in Brno, the Czech Republic, a place already known for its top IVF clinics. We are a private IVF clinic. Our philosophy is based on empathy, understanding and a strong desire to help. We have never intended to be one of the largest fertility clinics in the Czech Republic because we want to maintain a high standard of care and provide the best service possible.

Highly Developed Donor Database

Our donor treatment program  is very successful and we have treated many couples who have come to our clinic from overseas for treatment. Our highly developed donor database means that we are immediately able to locate the best donor match for you. Therefore there is no waiting period at ReproGenesis.

Cutting-Edge Fertility Treatment

State-of-the-art equipment and technology as well as the latest and most successful procedures make ReproGenesis one of the most modern reproductive clinics in the Czech Republic. ReproGenesis is one of only a few fertility clinics in the Czech Republic where a special camera system continuously monitors embryonic development.  This eliminates the need to handle the embryo outside the incubator and significantly increasing the chances of a successful implantation and conception.

Professional and Caring

Our highly professional and caring team has many years of experience of treating infertility gained from working in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our high conception rates are the best proof of their expertise.


Hlinky 144 603 00 Brno-Pisárky
+420 530 338 338