Restaurant Dollys


Dollys is a family-run restaurant, café and bar that, since 1993, has taken pride in making delicious Danish food from scratch. At Café Dolly, the good Danish ingredients are in focus, and quality will always be prioritized over the purchase price.

Dolly’s is especially known for its specialty, fried pork and parsley sauce, but there are also many other interesting Danish delicacies on the restaurant’s lunch and dinner menus, which are continuously adapted to seasonal ingredients and seasonal specialties.

Café Dolly is located in a historic building at the address, Havnen 15. The building, which was built back in 1911, was the dockworkers’ heating room – the place where they spent the wait between jobs. Their better halves, in particular, were happy that their partners could now spend the waiting time in the heating room, rather than in the harbor bar.

Today, Dolly’s enjoys the location of the building, where there are good views of the harbor basin, and plenty of space for both outdoor seating and parking.


Restaurant Dollys
The port 15 8700 Horsens
+45 75 62 34 81