As a municipality, Rezekne City Council is responsible for providing its residents with social services.

The city in the heart of Latgale invites you to enjoy famous Latgalian hospitality, hear Latgalian language and get acquainted with the diverse offer of culture and recreation in the Rezekne city!


The Embassy of Latgale GORS is a world-class acoustic concert hall. Cultural heritage and ancient values, traditions and creation, the language and events, the most significant global trends, art, culture, dance and songs converge here.

Latgales kultūrvēstures muzejs
You can learn more about the history of the Rezekne city, enjoy various art exhibitions, exposition of Latgale ceramics, as well as take part in creative workshops. In the square next to the museum, smile at the sculpture famous Latgale poet, artist, actor and director Antons Kūkojs (1940-2007).
Rēzeknes pilskalns

Feel the touch of history on the Rezekne Castle Hill!

Rezekne Castle Hill
Medieval castle ruins are the oldest historical monument of the city. A fortified settlement of ancient Latgalians was located on the hill on the river bank from the 9th to the 12th century; at the end of the 13th century the castle of the Livonian Order (Castrum Rositten) was built there.
The castle was located in a strategically important place, therefore it was desired to be occupied by Russians, Lithuanians and Poles, and it was destroyed completely during the Polish-Swedish War (1656-1660) and has no longer been restored. Only fragments of the castle fortification have survived on the castle hill up to nowadays.

At the base of the Castle Hill is located the sculpture of Princess Rose, created from clay by local potters in the form of a mysterious
image of a woman, as a symbol embodying both the legend of the Princess and the strength of the traditions of Latgale ceramics.

Across the street from the Castle Hill you can view the model of the medieval castle Rositten (author Edmunds Smans).
Latgales atbrīvošanas piemineklis

The Latgale liberation monument is a symbol of courage, freedom and unity. The most recognizable symbol of Rezekne is dedicated to the soldiers of the Latvian freedom fights of 1920, the monument embodies the idea of freedom and unity of the Latvian state.


Go up to the terrace of the “Zeimuļs” tower and enjoy a wonderful view of the old city. This building is special due to its bold and unusual architectural solution – green roofs and leaning towers, on top of which there are sightseeing platforms, offering wonderful views of the castle ruins and the historic part of the city.

Zaļā sinagoga
The wooden architecture heritage in a modern urban environment invites you to get acquainted with Jewish culture and traditions. The Rezekne Synagogue is the oldest wooden building in the city (1845) and the only one of 11 synagogues that have survived up to the present time.
Mākslas nams

The building with rich woodcarvings on its facade amazes with its architectural solution and luxurious interior elements. The art works exhibited at the premises reveal the best collection of Latgalian artists’ paintings that has been created since the 30s of the 20th century up to the present day.

Olimpiskais centrs Rēzekne

Since May 2017, the territory of the multifunctional sports facility offers outdoor swimming pool complex with a recreation area, which has two Jacuzzis, a sauna, a small pool for children with a slide, providing recreation for the whole family. The only outdoor swimming pool in the Baltic States inviting to combine sports activities and recreation.

Izgaršo Rēzekni
A unique offer made by the cafes of the Rezekne city, in which special dishes from pearl barley have been developed and included in their menus, allowing to view the traditional culinary heritage of the region in a new light. A varied menu for every gourmet will allow to discover new nuances of flavor.
Rēzeknes katedrāle

An impressive cathedral built in Neogothical style with two towers, rich decoration of architectural details and interior decoration of the late 19th century.


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