Riding stables


The Terezín Fortress has had several riding stables since the 18th century. However, they were all outdoor. It was only 80 years later that a new indoor riding school was built near the Equestrian (now Magdeburg) barracks. Its construction was designed in the years 1860 – 1861 and a year later it was completed.

Probably in connection with the expansion of the romantic style, which found its application in many historic reconstructions of aristocratic residences and town houses, the ring wooden structures of the French Renaissance architect Philibert l´Orme (1514 – 1570) were chosen as a model, which were used in several French castles. . In this respect, it is the only surviving building of this nature in our territory. It consists of a total of thirteen arches arching over the entire width of more than 20 meters. The whole structure gives a majestic impression, as it was intentionally oversized to withstand any shelling of the fortress. The building material, which was a high – quality alpine spruce felled probably in the years 1858-59, also corresponded to this purpose.

In addition to carving and architectural decoration, the coats of arms of the Austro-Hungarian lands were discovered above the riding hall windows. These were restored as part of repairs.

The riding school served its original purpose until the Second World War, during the Jewish ghetto during the occupation there were warehouses and after the liberation there were repair shops of the Czechoslovak army. The biggest damage was caused by a major flood in 2002, which hit the entire historic city center and also in the riding hall stood for several days almost 2 meters water level. Among other things, this monument was selected for reconstruction within the ongoing project IOP Terezín – Project of revival of historical monuments.

Today, it again serves its original purpose, namely to train riders and their horses. But you can also meet here with dog training from agility, dog dancing to obedience.


Riding stables
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