Roskilde University


Roskilde University is set in the world to challenge the academic traditions and experiment with new ways of creating and acquiring knowledge. 

We cultivate the project- and problem-oriented approach to knowledge development, because the most relevant results are achieved by solving real problems together with others.

We cultivate interdisciplinarity because no significant problems can be solved from one professional point of view.

And we cultivate openness because we believe that inclusion and knowledge sharing are a prerequisite for free thought, democracy, tolerance and growth.


8,000 students
950 employees (man-years)
760 mill. DKK in annual turnover

Ranked as number 101-150 on Times Higher Education’s Young Universities Rankings

Roskilde University is part of The European Reform University Alliance, where the partners will form a network with common goals and values ​​about, for example, interdisciplinary and critical thinking within research, teaching and development of the institutions. The alliance aims to ensure an exchange of innovative teaching and learning methods and student mobility with flexible studies that can be implemented across Europe.

The ambition is to create a community for students and staff – both physically and virtually – across universities in different countries and to educate a new generation of creative Europeans who can collaborate across languages, borders and disciplines and find new solutions to the times. major societal challenges. Cooperation is supported by the European Commission.

Roskilde University is a co-signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum – a document signed by 388 rectors from all over Europe on 18 September 1988, on the anniversary date of the 900th anniversary of the University of Bologna. The document contains principles of academic freedom and institutional independence as the most important guidelines for the self-understanding and progress of future universities.

Academic freedom is the basis of independent research and the search for truth, as well as a barrier to unacceptable intervention by both governments and interest groups.

Roskilde University is part of the Critical Edge Alliance – a global collaborative framework for universities that focuses on student-centered learning, critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, teaching and research and social engagement. The Critical Edge Alliance aims to continue, develop and renew these traditions.


Roskilde University
Universitetsvej 1, Postboks 260 4000 Roskilde
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