Saint-Dizier is a French commune located in the department of Haute-Marne and the Grand Est region (Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine ). Halfway between Paris and Strasbourg on the RN 4 , Saint-Dizier is located 15  km from Lac du Der , one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. Its inhabitants are called the Bragards.

In Saint-Dizier, the history of metallurgy goes back a long way. It reached its peak in the xix th  century when famous artists like Hector Guimard appeal to local foundries to make their creations. The metallurgical industry is still present in the city.

The city is also the birthplace of Miko ice creams , created by Luis Ortiz in 1921. In the city center, the former site of the Miko factory has been transformed into a multiplex cinema, the Ciné Quai, which today retains the tower. Miko from the thirties with an exhibition that traces the history of the site. The ice cream factory is still functioning but has been moved to the industrial area of ​​3 Fontaines.


Places and monuments 

The main monuments of the city are:

  • the medieval castle of the xii th  century building which there remains a body in which is installed since 1959 the sub-prefecture and two entrance towers; there are also four towers of the old ramparts;
  • the corn market built in 1860 was transformed into an Italian theater in 1906;
  • remain in the downtown of several timbered houses survivors of the fire in 1775. The best known is the Parcollet House dated xvi th  century;
  • Maison du Petit-Paris , house decorated by Marcel Dhièvre;
  • the town hall erected in 1863 on stilts in place of an old bastion;
  • the Municipal Museum brings together collections in paleontology, ornithology, archeology, fine arts and some Guimard fonts;
  • the La Noue district and its picturesque “thugs”;
  • Villa, 45 Clos-Mortier  ;
  • the Marnaval road viaduct  ;
  • the Chamber of Commerce and Industry built in 1897;
  • the French Memorial Museum;
  • the Monument representing the siege of 1544 dedicated to the memory of the Bragards (1906) 35  ; it is the work of R.Carillon and on its faces: The town of Saint-Dizier with its heroic defenders. Public subscription 1901_1905 ; the arms of the engineer Marino, Captain Lalande and the Count of Sancerre, defenders of the city;
  • the church of Saint-Martin de Gigny  ;
  • the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption church  ;
  • the church of Saint-Martin de la Noue .

In the city center, the former site of the Miko factory has been transformed into a multiplex cinema, the Ciné Quai, which today preserves the Miko tower from the 1930s with an exhibition retracing the history of the site. The factory is still in operation but has been moved to the industrial zone of 3 Fontaines with the construction of a huge storage warehouse that can hold around 35,000 pallets (40m high, 40m wide and 80m long). Which makes it one of the biggest fridge in Europe!

Saint-Dizier is 15 km from Der-Chantecoq Lake , which has a large leisure center, several small shops and a casino.

Religious buildings

  • Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Guy Bourbon Street, built in 1202 but largely rebuilt after the fire of 1775 houses an organ of Cavaillé-Coll in 1862 in a buffet in the second half of the xviii th  century from the abbey of Larrivour near Lusigny-sur-Barse . The portal of the church is original;
  • Saint Martin de Gigny church, place De Gaulle, in the suburb of Gigny
  • Saint-Martin de La Noue church, Place de la République, in the suburb of La Noue
  • Saint-Charles de Marnaval church, rue de Savoie, in the suburb of Marnaval
  • Notre-Dame d’Hoëricourt church .
  • Church of Sainte Thérèse du Vert-Bois, 2 Captain Eon
  • Former chapel of the Adoration-Repairing Convent, 12 rue Commune de Paris
  • Former chapel of the Nuns of the Assumption , Rue Godard-Jeanson
  • Chapel of the Immaculate Conception school, 12 rue De Lattre, built in 1863 on plans by architect Hubert Fisbacq. This was inspired by the Sainte Chapelle of the Palais de Justice in Paris;
  • Chapel of the diocesan house of Saint-Michel, 4 rue Vandeuil
  • Air Base Chapel 113
  • Chapel Cité des Ajots, 26 avenue Giraud.
  • André Breton hospital center chapel, Henri Rollin crossroads
  • Temple of the Reformed Church of France, 34 rue Lalande
  • Synagogue rue du Maréchal De Lattre de Tassigny rue De Lattre
  • Evangelical Protestant Church, 1 rue des Lachats
  • Evangelical Baptist, 110 rue Ernest Renan
  • Evangelical life and light, 119 avenue Giraud
  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 14 3 rue Buffon

Cultural heritage 

Hector Guimard’s art fonts which adorn the balconies and embellish the city ( Wallace Fountain ) which make Saint-Dizier one of the high places of foundry and metallurgy. The city has several cultural structures such as the theater and Les Fuseaux as well as a museum.

  • Theater.
  • Les Fuseaux parking side.
  • The Municipal Museum.


2013 international swimming meeting.

  • The Saint-Dizier Exhibition Fair which takes place at Ascension
  • 10 km from Saint-Dizier
  • School and amateur theater festival Mai’scènes


La Bragardise, a specialty of Saint-Dizier.


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