Saint-Médard-en-Jalles is a commune in the Gironde department in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in southwestern France. Located west-northwest of the city of Bordeaux, it is the fifth-largest suburb of the city and a member of the Bordeaux Métropole.

 Mayor (2020–2026)Stéphane Delpeyrat
Area185.28 km2 (32.93 sq mi)
Population 31,145
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)


Municipality of the urban area of ​​Bordeaux located in its urban unit 13  km from the center of Bordeaux on the Jalle Noire . Very extensive, the town is only urbanized on its eastern half, around the site of “St Médard” of ARIANE Group. If forests occupy a good part of the uninhabited area, military activities also have a strong hold.



Saint-Médard-en-Jalles is at the center of the space launch industry , hosting three of the four Gironde establishments in the sector:

  • the DGA Missile Trials site (formerly CAEPE ), a branch of the Armament Department where missile engines (manufactured in the neighboring town of Haillan ) are tested ;
  • ArianeGroup sites  :
    • the site of the blowing (f SNPE ), which are developed the propellants of the rocket engine powder and gas generators for airbags ( ”  airbag  “);
    • the Issac establishment (formerly Airbus Defense and Space , Astrium Space Transportation , Aérospatiale ), specializing in space vehicles.

Another site (formerly Snecma Propulsion Solide , whose branch is located in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles), is located in the neighboring town of Haillan .


Saint-Médard-en-Jalles is a French wine-growing town in the Médoc vineyard with authorization to produce AOC wines: Haut-Médoc , Médoc , Crémant de Bordeaux , Bordeaux-Superieur and Bordeaux .


The Transports Bordeaux Métropole (TBM) network serves the town through bus lines. In the evening, in addition to line 3, the town is served by Flexo 55 .

More than 49 km of cycle paths crisscross the town but some are difficult to use due to a lack of continuity between tracks and lanes (shared with pedestrians), forcing people to dismount.


The municipality has seven pre-elementary schools , seven elementary schools and three secondary schools (two colleges and a vocational high school ). Two other colleges and a general education high school are located in the neighboring municipalities ( Le Haillan and Saint-Aubin-de-Médoc ).

Local Culture and Heritage 

Places and monuments 

  • Château de la Mothe-Gajac , belonged in 1335 to n’Aude de Tyran, in 1427 to Arnaud Rostanh / Roustaïng, in 1544 to Pierre Eyquem de Montaigne . This fortified house consisted of a wall in the form of a quadrilateral around a courtyard; it had 4 towers, 3 circular and 1 square in the northeast where the initial dwelling is located, rectangular on one floor. 
  • Moulin de Gajac , dependent on the castle of Blanquefort in 1289, then on the castle of Gajac in 1580. 
  • Bialade castle mound, delimited by a rectangular ditch 200 m in perimeter .
  • Saint Medard Church , whose choir and apse date from the xi th  century, the bell tower of the XIV th , the Saint-Yves XVII th  ; the portal was rebuilt under the Second Empire . The old cemetery was located between the church and the street, which was narrower at the time.
  • Château du Bourdieu and its park badly damaged by the 1999 storm , private property; site registered in 1981 in the Mérimée database  ; it was built in 1788 by J. Delmestre in a wine estate ( Bourdieu in Gascon) which in 1737 belonged to the royal broker Delmestre.
  • Vieilleville Castle, built in 1789 to Corbiac, vineyard until the 1920s, belonged to Augustus FEYDIT Councilor (end of the xix th  century).
  • Mill Caupian  : mentioned in the Register of Bordeaux town clerk in 1593, indicated on the map Belleyme , rebuilt in the xix th  century, it appears in the database Merimee .

Green spaces 

  • Cérillan wood
  • Bois de Corbiac
  • Bois d’Issac
  • Engineer’s House Park
  • Belfort Castle
  • Feydit Park
  • Edges of Jalle de Gajac
  • Edges of Jalle de Magudas
  • Plots of Hastignan
  • Caupian tavern
  • Gamarde meadows
  • Garenne Monseau stadium
  • Picot triangle
  • Vieilleville wood
  • Sources area


Sports clubs 

  • Handball  : SMH (Saint-Médard Handball)
  • Orienteering Course  : SMOG (Saint-Médard Orientation Gironde)
  • Archery  : SMAJ (Saint-Médard Archers des Jalles)
  • Tennis  : Racing-club Hastignan Tennis
  • Weightlifting  : SMJH (Saint-Médard-en-Jalles weightlifting)
  • Dance  : jazz, country ( Geste & Forme , Hastignan)
  • Horse riding  : UCPA Saint-Médard located at the castle of Belfort
  • Surf casting  : associative fishing club by the sea
  • Roller  : Roller Bug
  • Fencing  : Saint Médard fencing
  • Cycling  : Vélo Sport Magudas ht, Team Saint-Médard
  • Australian Football  : Bordeaux Bombers

Sports equipment 

  • Robert-Monseau complex: stadium (4 football and rugby fields, tennis courts, a Cosec and a rollerblading area).
  • Aquatic area: swimming pool
  • Espace Georges-Brassens: Basque pelota fronton, two outdoor basketball courts, an outdoor handball court, a city stadium and a bowling alley
  • Borders of Jalle area: a football field, two 7- a-side football pitches , a rugby pitch and an archery pitch.
  • Espace Ball ‘en Jall’: area for practicing sand sports
  • Espace Magudas: sports hall, football field and city stadium
  • Cycling station: mini golf and city stadium
  • Plaine des Biges: four football fields, changing rooms
  • Ariane room: sports hall and handball field
  • Cérillan: city stadium and Olympia hall (sports hall)


Town hall
lace de l'hotel de ville 33167 Saint-Médard-en-Jalles - France
05 56 57 40 40