Salonta is a city in Bihor County, in the geographical region of Crișana, north-western Romania, near the Hungarian border.

Climate and geography

Salonta has a continental humid climate, with warm to hot summers and cold to very cold winters, but relatively little snow. The average annual precipitation is 578 cubic mm (35.2 inches). The average January temperature is −2.4 °C (27.7 °F) and in July it is 20.7 °C (69.3 °F) (averages for low and high). It is located in the plains west of the Apuseni Carpathians at an elevation between 91 and 100 m (299 and 328 ft).


Salonta is famous nationwide for its Salam de Salonta sausage products that have been produced since the 1970s. Most of the state-owned factories built during the communist period went into bankruptcy since 1989. During the 2000s however, there has been a considerable foreign direct investment in small factories and assembly plants – particularly in the clothing industry.

In 2008, Inteva Products LLC – a large multinational – started production at its Salonta facility, the only one the company has in Romania and one in only five throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Inteva produces cables and latches and other car parts at the Salonta facility.


The city of Salonta hosted the 2006 Romanian National Gliders Championship (Campionat naţional de aeromodelism) and its team, Metalul Salonta, has won the championship several times


Str. Republicii nr.1, Salonta, Jud.Bihor