Salzburg in Summer


Summertime Salzburg is defined by the Festival. Even if you don’t attend a formal performance, you will still be able to appreciate the very special flair – the entire city seems to be a part of the festivities. In addition, Salzburg is the ideal setting for a summer spent outdoors, also providing numerous opportunities for refreshment on hot days.

All of Salzburg catches Festival fever

“The whole city is a stage” – This motto from Max Reinhardt is reflected in the countless narrow lanes and broad plazas of Salzburg. The atmosphere is unique, with international artists and visitors turning Salzburg into a truly cosmopolitan metropolis. With impressive performances including Jedermann as well as spectacular operas, the Salzburger Festival clearly demonstrates why it is such a huge success.

Hofstallgasse at Salzburg Festival | © Tourismus Salzburg

48 hours during summer festival season

Jedermann (Everyman) at Domplatz in Salzburg | © Salzburger Festspiele / Matthias Horn

Open-Air: Salzburg under a starry sky

Jedermann on Cathedral Square is the best example of how you can enjoy Salzburg under an open sky. In addition to this famous play, there are countless other ways to experience culture, music and films outdoors on balmy summer evenings – and many of those are even free of charge.

Siemens Festspielnächte | © Siemens AG Österreich

Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nächte

Leuchtbrunnen/Mirabell | © TSG

Leuchtbrunnen Concerts

The weather in Salzburg in summertime

In June, you can reasonably expect many hours of sunshine and mild temperatures. Rainy days are just as likely as those occasional days suitable for swimming at the lake. July and August are the real summer months. Due to the warm temperatures, they are ideal for swimming expeditions, outdoor sports and mild evenings spent outside.
In summer, you should have lightweight clothing and a jacket for the evening in your suitcase. And when you are coming to Salzburg, it always makes sense to bring an umbrella. Special tip for Salzburg: If you plan to attend the Festival, be sure to ask about the dress code for the event you are interested in.

Climate table - Salzburg in Summer | © Tourismus Salzburg

Nature & Recreation in Green Salzburg

Above all, Salzburg visitors know Baroque Mirabell Gardens as well as the spacious grounds of Schloss Hellbrunn. That said, there are many other green spaces and recreation areas that are easy to reach, ideal for stretching out in the shade as well as culture that’s a little off the beaten track. Probably the easiest way to find these oases during your visit is by hopping on a bicycle.

Music Band at the Volksgarten Salzburg  | © Stadt Salzburg/Wildbild

Beach feeling in the city of Mozart

Biking along the river bank in the old city of Salzburg | © Tourismus Salzburg, Foto: Reinhart Bryan

Discover Salzburg by bike

Cool off behind Baroque walls

Sometimes, summer is simply too hot. Or Salzburg is undergoing one of its world-famous downpours that you’d like to get away from. Around 25 museums with different specialties invite you to explore, learn and marvel. The spectrum ranges from the Baroque ecclesiastical magnificence of the DomQuartier to art of the 21st century at Museum der Moderne Salzburg.

DomQuartier in Salzburg | © SalzburgerLand Tourismus

DomQuartier Salzburg: 2000 exhibits from 1300 years of storied history

Dom zu Salzburg | © Erzdiözese Salzburg / Josef Kral

Church Walking Tour


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