Sarcelles is a commune in the northern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located 16.3 km (10.1 mi) from the centre of Paris. Sarcelles is a sub-prefecture of the Val-d’Oise department and the seat of the Arrondissement of Sarcelles.

 Mayor (2020–2026)Patrick Haddad
Area18.45 km2 (3.26 sq mi)
Population (2017-01-01)58,587
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)


The city has very few large companies; among the main ones, we can cite the first two in terms of turnover  : JCB-France (construction equipment) with € 177M, Rex-Rotary ( Ricoh subsidiary , copiers, connectors) with € 62M (2004 figures ). As well as the company France Telecom-Orange, whose telephone exchange rue Montfleury houses the Pole SAV serving the territory of the Plaine Val-de-France.


Sarcelles is served by Garges – Sarcelles station on Paris RER line D.

It is also served by Sarcelles – Saint-Brice station on the Transilien Paris – Nord suburban rail line. This station, although administratively located on the territory of the neighbouring commune of Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt, lies in fact very near the town centre of Sarcelles.


Sarcelles comes under two hospitals  : the Gonesse hospital and the Intercommunal Hospital of Eaubonne – Montmorency (CHEIM). The city also hosts the Private North Parisian Hospital , founded in 1963, which opened in 2019 a major nephrology center , the largest in Val-d’Oise.

The town has three retirement homes, The Mapi residences (private), Santé le cèdre bleu (public) and the Vergers residence (home housing).

Local Culture and Heritage 

Places and monuments

Historical monuments 

Sarcelles has two historical monuments on its territory:

  • Church of St. Peter and St. Paul (historical monument by order of 25 October 1911): Cruciform in plan , the church consists of a blind nave with side aisles to the north and south; of a transeptnot protruding and not distinguishable from the outside; a central bell tower rising above the crossing of the transept  ; a square choir with a flat apse ; as well as its two side chapels, the facades of which are assimilated to those of the transept braces. The bell tower topped with an octagonal stone spire surrounded by four pyramids is the oldest part of the church; it is pierced with two bay windows, twin on each side, confined by columns with capitals. This central part is flanked by strictly vertical buttresses , interspersed with drip edges and crowned by vases. The niches with statues surmounted by canopies are empty. As for the southern facade, it is very homogeneous and displays a pure flamboyant Gothic style . The central portal is remarkable for the finesse of its sculpted ornamentation, including the canopies above the two statues flanking the window above the basket-handle door , genuine stone lacework . The northern facade is not visible from the city center and has therefore not been the subject of special care.
  • Manoir de Miraville, current town hall, rue de la Résistance. The current mansion dates back to 1844 and features a historic eclectic style. The main façade facing the street is brick with quoins in stone. On one floor, it is pierced by two very large bay windows both on the ground floor and upstairs, surmounted by skylights with exposed frames . This relatively sober facade is preceded by a slightly protruding central body of two floors with gable , presenting, like the second floor, decorative half – timbering . The entrance is under a semicircular porch , which also serves as a balcony accessible from the first floor.
Church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul

Other heritage elements 

  • Hugues Capet Tower,
  • Minel Institution, Pierre Brossolette Street,
  • Retirement home, rue de Giraudon,
  • House with turrets, boulevard du Général-de-Gaulle,
  • House of Félix Ioussoupov,
  • Hall, Pierre Brossolette Street,
  • Assyro-Chaldean Church of St. Thomas the Apostle,
  • The new town of Sarcelles-Lochères in itself constitutes an architectural heritage of the 1950s . 

Parks and green spaces 

  • The Prés-sous-la-Ville park is the city’s most important green space. It has hilly landscapes, a body of water as well as children’s games and free access camping tables.
  • The landscaped square of Hattersheim is located in Sarcelles-Village.
  • The way-of-wood-floral , is a “green corridor” between the Pierre Brossolette Street and Bellevue Street. We can see part of the allotment gardens of the city.
  • The small Haut-du-Roi lake .
  • The Kennedy Park in the great whole.


  • Heritage House, 1 rue des Piliers
  • Sarcelles Naval Museum, Boulevard du Général-de-Gaulle, in Sarcelles-village

Cultural facilities

The city offers all year round access to culture:

The Anna-Langfus municipal library (37, Bd Bergson), currently networked with other libraries in the urban community , offers more than 66,000  books for consultation or loan, as well as around 110 magazine titles. 

The municipal music school with communal influence (2 avenue Paul-Langevin), teaches about thirty disciplines, for children as for adults, including jazz, string or wind instruments as well as Collective practices: choirs, chamber music, workshops, etc.;

The municipal arts school Janine-Haddad  (5, route de Garges);

The André-Malraux room (rue Taillepied – Sarcelles Village),

The heritage house , (1 rue des Piliers – Sarcelles-Village);

Several neighborhood houses, such as those of Vignes blancs, Chardonnerettes and Valéry Watteau. And three community centers: one municipal Rosier-Chantepie (1 Biscay Street), the second of the Caisse d’Allocations Family Val d’Oise The Lochères (mall n o  4, Avenue Paul Valery) and the last associative Together in Sarcelles (5 rue de Pontoise)

In the city there is the “Club des Belles Images” – photography club.

The Jacques-Berrier village hall, in Sarcelles-Village.

Festivals and events 

  • The international biennial of printmaking and new images , every odd-numbered year, at the beginning of the year;
  • The sports festival, early June;
  • The Stamp Festival;
  • The collectors’ fair and philatelic exhibition on the last Saturday of January;
  • The 50 th  anniversary festivities of the large group of Sarcelles;
  • The Social Photo Festival – Photsoc.
  • The neighboors’ Party


The commune has 19 public pre-schools/nurseries, 21 public primary schools, six public collèges (junior high schools), two public senior high schools/sixth-form colleges, and two other educational institutions.

  • Collèges: Chantereine, Anatole-France, Évariste-Galois, Jean-Lurçat, Victor Hugo, and Voltaire
  • Lycées: Lycée Polyvalent de La Tourelle and Lycée Polyvalent J.J. Rousseau
  • Others: I.U.T (Institut universitaire de technologie), C.I.O (Centre d’information et d’orientation)

The Bibliothèque intercommunale Anna Langfus is located in Sarcelles. This library has over 60,000 items and is divided between an adults’ section and a children’s section. In addition the Espace Musique Mel Bonis is in Sarcelles.


Sarcelles Town Hall
3 rue de la Résistance 95200 Sarcelles (village)
01 34 38 21 40