The city ​​of Sárvár is the second largest city in Vas County in Western Hungary and the seat of the Sárvár district . It is the 7th most popular settlement in Hungary in terms of guest nights spent in commercial accommodation.


With regard to guest nights spent in commercial accommodation establishments, the 7th most popular settlement in Hungary with 447 thousand guest nights (2012); its largest sending markets are the Czech Republic (97 thousand), Austria (96 thousand) and Germany (32 thousand). 


  • The predecessor of Nádasdy Castle is the 13th century . After several reconstructions in the 17th century, the Nádasdys built it into a Renaissance castle. Its biggest attraction is the ceremonial hall, whose frescoes were painted in 1653 and 1769 .
  • Ferenc Nádasdi, Tamás Nádasdi and Kanizsai Orsolya sculptures (the castle) – Tibor Turi Török work
  • The Roman Catholic church dedicated to King St. Ladislaus is of medieval origin; In 1645 it was rebuilt by the Nádasdys. During the Rákóczi War of Independence, the church was destroyed and rebuilt in 1732 in Baroque style . It was classed in 1830 , last rebuilt in 1926 . In front of it is the Christ Column made in 1701 .
  • Near the church of St. Ladislaus is the city’s first school, founded in 1535 . The floor was laid on it in 1830 . Géza Gárdonyi also taught here.
  • The Roman Catholic church of the former village of Sár was dedicated to St. Nicholas . The church was first mentioned in 1454 . It was remodeled in 1830 and 1868, and rebuilt in the 20th century to have a neo-Gothic look. Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos was buried next to the church in 1556.
  • The Calvary Church of the mountain village was built in 1758 ; It got its present form in 1800 with the two towers.
  • Its Lutheran church was built in 1836 in the Classicist style.
  • Its Reformed church was consecrated in 1998 . 
  • Spa and Wellness Bath: in December 2002, a spa and wellness bath was opened in the thermal bath. The spa won the level award of the Hungarian Wellness Society in the Wellness Center category in 2004 and in the Wellness Medicine category in 2005 . In 2004, Sárvár was admitted to the Association of European Royal Baths . In 2007, the spa won the EUROPESPA-med quality award. In 2008, the Qualification Committee of the Hungarian Baths Association ranked the spa in the highest four-star category.
  • Hatvany-Deutsch Castle (also known as the Sugar Factory Castle ) stands in an ancient park next to the former sugar factory . The building was built by Baron Béla Hatvany in 1898–99. Its designer was Ernő Schannen, an architect from Budapest. It is currently empty, under sale, cannot be visited.
  • The nearly ten-hectare arboretum was founded in 1802. Its breeding farm has a 520-square-meter greenhouse and about a thousand-square-meter nursery to support forestry plant breeding.
  • The units for the opening of the Xbox console were manufactured mainly at Flextronics’ plant in Sárvár.
  • The National Blue Tour passes through the settlement .


  • The Simon-Judas Fair is traditionally held on the last Saturday in October . For the event, the city’s main street with adjoining streets will become a marketplace.
  • Student Writers and Student Poets Meeting
  • International Folklore Days
  • Nádasdy Historical Festival


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