École Les 4 Saisons

  • Open up to neighborhood life
  • Apprentice researchers
  • Dutch language immersion

The school organizes its teaching in 4 learning cycles. Themes and projects close to the needs and interests of the students are offered to them. This approach gives meaning to what they undertake and motivates them to work, to draw from them sometimes unsuspected resources. To better prepare the pupils for the second language, they follow an early Dutch course from the third kindergarten to the second primary. These learning moments are an opportunity to approach the language in a fun and intuitive way. The objective of this course is to familiarize the pupils with a vocabulary in the service of a basic communication, to integrate the specific intonations of the language and to practice the most correct pronunciation while having fun. 

  • 159 kindergarten students
  • 249 primary school students


École Les 4 Saisons
Place de Bethléem, 10 1060 Saint-Gilles
02 / 544.02.71