Sct. Ibs School


Sct. Ibs School is a Christian free school resting on a Catholic basis and is a private school in Horsens . As can be seen from the purpose formulation, the entire school’s work is based on the Catholic – Christian view of life and people. This is reflected in the daily life of the school.

The daily routine between the staff, between adults and children and between children and children is based on the fact that we are all created in the image of God. Therefore, all are fundamentally good.

Everyone has the right to respect, security and care. Bullying is not accepted, which the adults clearly indicate to the students.

To entrust your children – the most precious thing you have – in Sct. The custody of Ibs School requires trust in the school. A good school / home collaboration is based on openness and active participation in the school’s meetings, events, conversations, etc.

Private school with community around education and training

At Sct. Ibs Skole is part of children, parents and staff in a committed community around education and training, and we are constantly working to create the best possible starting point for a good work and peer community.

Sct. Ibs School works to create a vibrant and dynamic environment with an understanding of the importance of working with the community around us. We want to give students skills and joy of life no matter what background and what prerequisites they each bring. In respect for human diversity, our goal is to make students independent, committed and responsible adults.


Sct. Ibs School
Kildegade 18 8700 Horsens
75 66 67 00