Initial consultation

We will fill in the input questionnaire together. We will find out important information necessary for a closer analysis of your health condition. We also need to know the medications you are currently taking and the diagnosis made by your doctor.Detail information

Diagnostic measurement

With the help of the latest technology in the field of bioresonance, the Sensitiv Imago 530, we will find the cause of your health problems and also reveal hidden diseases. This method is non-invasive and completely painless.Detail information

Therapy and elimination of pathogens

With the help of frequency compensation and bioresonance therapy, we will solve the cause of your health complications and not only their symptoms. The treatment includes recommendations for the prevention of future health problems.Detail information

Long-term health promotion

We will recommend other therapies to support your long-term health – detoxification of the body, elimination of fungi in the body, natural detoxification of the liver. This will ensure you good health and a happy life without health problems.


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