Traditional Slovenian souvenirs can be bought anywhere in Slovenia under the distinctive mark Rokodelstvo Art & Craft Slovenija. Items made by contemporary Slovenian designers and fashion designers can be found in small boutique shops showcasing unique products or at art markets. Drop by the stores and markets with local products and produce or to shopping centres for the global fashion brands. When shopping, make sure to take the time for a break at a café and have a chat – it’s what the locals do.

Unique, traditional, Slovenian

Browse some of the Slovenian online stores, where you can find unique traditional and modern products made by Slovenian artisans. You might find just the right “piece” of Slovenia to brighten your home or delight your friends and family.

  • Fine souvenirs include the beautiful bobbin lace from Idrija.
  • World-famous woodenware or ‘suha roba’ of Ribnica comes in many shapes, from spoons to baskets. Another staple is painted beehive panels called panjske končnice. 
  • Slovenia is a nation of beekeepers, so you will come across a wealth of honey and bee products. A special experience is shopping for decorative gingerbread products.
  • Take your food to the next level with unique Piran salt or fleur de sel from Sečovlje saltpans. The salt is harvested by a traditional procedure that has been practiced over 700 years.
  • Majolka – Slovenian ceramic water or wine jugs are both decorative and useful.
  • You might be thrilled by crystal products made by the skilled glass blowers from Rogaška Slatina.
  • You can’t go wrong with a bottle of premium Slovenian wine.
  • Fine arts lovers will be able to acquire original works of notable Slovenian painters and sculptors at one of many galleries.


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