Ski resort Malo Polje – Igman


The ski resort Malo Polje – Igman is located in the Canton of Sarajevo (Bosnia and HerzegovinaFederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina). For skiing and snowboarding, there are 3 km of slopes available. 3 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,160 and 1,492 m.

Igman is a mountain with extremely high concentration of ozone, and as an air spa it is extremely suitable for sport team training. During the Olympics, “Veliko polje” was a place where the competition for Nordic disciplines were held, and along with Bjelašnica it has around 50 km long trails for Nordic running and 160 marked trails for hill cycling. At Igman there is “Mrazište” (appearance of thermal inversion), and the lowest temperature of -43,5°C has been recorded in January 1963.

“Malo polje” is situated in a quiet valley, which is why it’s an ideal location for ski-schools for kids. At “Malo Polje” there is 5 baby ski lifts. For older and experienced kids there is a 2-seat chairlift. 

For Olympics needs at “Malo Polje” there has been constructed 2 jumps of 70 and 90 meters that are currently not in function. Also, there are 6 children’s ski trails and one trail for adults.


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