Slavonski Brod


The city of Slavonski Brod, the seventh largest city in the Republic of Croatia with 59,141 inhabitants, is located on the banks of the Sava River and stretches on the gentle slopes of Dilj-gora. It covers an area of 54.45 square meters. It was built on the site of Roman Marsonia, at the crossroads of the most important international routes connecting the countries of Europe with the Middle East, along the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the largest city in Slavonian Posavina.


The Brod-Posavina County is located in the east of Croatia, in the region of Slavonia, in the southern part of the Pannonian Plain. The city of Slavonski Brod is the center of the county.

Guests visiting Slavonski Brod through travel agencies will be provided an opportunity to actively participate in Living History Programmes with costumed soldiers, horsemen and other persons dressed in typical 18th century working or civilian costumes as well as persons dressed in costumes from fairy tales of the great Croatian fairy tale writer Ivana Brlic-Mazuranic in the front of the House of Family Brlic on the main town square and costumed figure of Dragutin Tadijanović in the Franciscan monastery.



In the area of ​​this zone there is the Sports Hall “Vijuš” with a capacity of 2,200 seats, one of the most functional sports halls in Croatia and a venue for numerous sports meetings, as well as training of top domestic and foreign sports teams. There is also a bowling-alley inside the hall, and outside the hall outdoor and indoor swimming pools were buit.
Near the hall there is a football stadium on whose facade is painted a large mural with the characters of Marija Mandžukić and Ivica Olić who started their careers at the stadium, and on the walkway that connects the city center with the sports and recreation center and sandy beach “Poloj” the small city establishment with 1,300 square meters of surface painted with one of the largest three-dimensional paintings in the world.
There is a trim park in this city area, and there is also a bicycle trail.

Sport and recreation center “Poloj”  

Poloj The center is located 3 km downstream from the city center, and it can be reached by car, bicycle, motorcycle or by walking or running along the embankment along the unique Splavarska Street. Within the center is one of the most beautiful and longest Croatian river sandy beaches – Poloj, with several sports fields and a large parking space.

Dilj gora

Slopes of Dilj gora

Today, the city has stretched to the gentle slopes of Dilj gora, where among the vineyards are no longer only old summer houses, but also numerous family houses, cottages and even entire city streets. We definitely recommend hikers through Brodsko Vinogorje to stop at the Đuro Pilar Mountain Lodge in the Popovićeva small wood and by the Ivana Brlić Mažuranić summer house. Those who find themselves in the Podvinje settlement can recreate and take a break in the Striborova Forest in Janiševac.


The vast space of Jelas fields is well known as the hunting area rich in big and small game. The hunting grounds of Migalovci with the hunting area of 5 907 ha, 2.700 ha under forest and the shooting ground for flying targets in the discipline Trap is localed in the central park of Jelas fields. It is world famous for individual and group hunting on stags, boars, deer, hare, pheasant, wild ducks, black heath hen, partrige and other game birds.

Abundance of food, tranquillity during the year and the large water surfaces on the Old and the New Fish Farm in the area of municipalities of Oriovac, Brodski Stupnik, Bebrina i Sibinj, ensure excellent conditions for natural breed of quarry out of the species of waterfowl, especially wild ducks and hens. It should be mentioned that in the hunting season (August l5th till Januray 3lst) the number of ducks and other quarry on the Fish Farms suddenly increase due to autumn migration of these birds from the northern regions of the world.


Ribolov 1

Sport Fishing Alliance is responsible for promotion of fishing sport on all waters of the Brod-Posavina County. This alliance takes care for river Sava and all its left side tributaries, natural and artificial accomulations, puddles, swamps, pebble beds and flooded regions, i.e. water surfaces over 2000 hectares. Waters are mainly rich with carps, perch, sheatfish, darts and amurs, so that anglers and nature lovers also outside Brodsko posavska county visit frequently attractive waters and nature of Slavonski Brod

Ribolov 1

Malena and Klepetan are storks nesting on the roof of the school in the settlement Brodski Varoš. Malena has a broken wing, so she’s been waiting for March for more than 10 years when her stork man Klepetan returns from the far south. It is one of the most beautiful love stories to be followed worldwide.

Highly recommended!
Visit the world’s first museum of tambura in the reconstructed casemate of the western curtain in the Brod Fortress where you can see more than 60 hand-crafted exhibits; actively participate in the stringed instrument making workshops or enjoy multimedia presentations.

Memorialhome of Dragutin Tadijanović

Lov 1

The Memorialhome attempts to perceive the ambience of the poet’s Zagreb apartment in Gajeva Street in its conceptual solution. The rooms are decorated with interesting elements of authentic furniture, memorabilia, rich archives, manuscripts, sculptures, photographs, letters, a large number of books and artworks, with an emphasis on Tadijanović’s literary readin


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