Spas and health resorts


Slovenia is a land of water and spas.

Slovenia is a land of healthy water. Its thermal and mineral springs are a source of health and well-being. Choose which thermal spa you wish to visit in the green surroundings of the Pannonian Plain, the Karst Region, the Alps, or the Mediterranean. Healing treatment. Preventive treatment. Wellness. Selfness. You.

You can choose just the right Slovenian health resort for you according to the region or according to what your body needs, what your inner self wishes, and what kind of a getaway you and your family expect.

Natural healing substances

In every corner of green Slovenia – be it in the water or in the air, in salt pans or forests – you can find natural healing substances, each of which has its own beneficial effect on health and well-being.

Locals’ hospitality

Slovenian health resorts and spas are one with the environment that surrounds them. Local ingredients are used to prepare healthy meals. Themed evenings are organised to introduce local cuisine and culture to guests. Spas and health resorts are an excellent starting point for exploring the surroundings, where you will encounter kind and welcoming people.

Active experiences

Health and well-being are, at least partly, associated with an active lifestyle. At Slovenian spas and health resorts, activities are adapted to accommodate your health condition. You can join guided workouts in swimming pools or fitness centres or opt for a walk or a bike ride in the surrounding area. Some spas are located very close to sports centres that offer an even wider range of activities to choose from.

Unique accommodation

Another important factor for good health and well-being is proper rest. In addition to hotel facilities, many spas and health resorts also offer boutique accommodation in the middle of nature. Themed glamping sites, which usually blend in with the local traditions, offer you all the comfort you need while bringing you closer to nature. In this way, you will easily let go of your everyday worries and truly relax.

Fun and entertainment

In addition to finding the best way to improve health and well-being, you will also experience many joyous moments at spas and health resorts. Slovenia’s attractive water parks are a magnet for families in particular, while diverse workshops and the rich entertainment programmes can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can even take part in one of the many organised tours. The evening hours are embellished with various intimate concerts and dancing to live music.


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