SteM Zwijgershoek


SteM Zwijgershoek , fully written Stedelijk Museum Zwijgershoek , is a museum in the East Flemish city ​​of Sint-Niklaas . It is one of three museums that fall under the heading of Municipal Museums and are therefore managed by the city itself. The other two are the Mercator Museum and the Fine Arts Salons .

There are three themes in the museum, namely “Man and Matter”, “Man and Machine” and “Man and his Body”. The museum also houses the “open depot”, a warehouse for the municipal museums, and a knitting workshop, a reminder of the industrial past of Sint-Niklaas.

The museum also manages the collection of the International Exlibris Center .


SteM Zwijgershoek
Zwijgershoek 14 9100 Sint-Niklaas
+32 3 778 34 50