The Municipality of Strovolos was established in 1986 according to the Municipal Law Ν. 111/85  and is the second largest Municipality in Cyprus after Limassol, with a population of over 70.000 inhabitants.

There are references to Strovolos or Strovilos since the Μiddle Ages from the well-known medieval chronicler Leontios Macheras and from Forius Boustronius a little later. According to these sources, Strovolos was a royal field during the years of Frankish Rule. A major figure in the history of Strovolos was the National Martyr Archbishop Kyprianos, who during the Revolution of 1821, contributed greatly to the preservation of the Greek spirit and Christianity. The Turks hanged Archbishop Kyprianos and other high priest and dignitaries of Cyprus on 9th July 1821.

Strovolos is now a big city that covers an area of 25km² is divided into six parishes: Chryseleousa, Ayios Demetrios, Apostolos Varnavas and Ayios Makarios, Ayios Vasilios, National Martyr Kyprianos and Stavros.

Strovolos evolved in its present condition after the tragic events of 1974, when Turkey invaded Cyprus and occupied 38% of the island’s territory. Due to this event many refugees settled within the city of Strovolos.

Since 1974, a big industrial area was created in Strovolos and the areas of services and manufactures have developed to a great extend.

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