Suresnes is a commune in the western suburbs of Paris , Île-de-France. Located in Hauts-de-Seine , 9.3 km (5.8 mi) from the center of Paris. The nearest communes are Nanterre , Puteaux , Rueil-Malmaison , Saint-Cloud and Boulogne-Billancourt.

 Mayor (2020–2026)Guillaume Boudy
Area13.79 km 2 (1.46 sq mi)
Population (2017-01-01)48.264
Time zoneUTC + 01: 00 ( CET )
 Summer ( DST )UTC + 02: 00 ( CEST )


Suresnes is served by Suresnes – Mont-Valérien station on the Transilien La Défense and Transilien Paris – Saint-Lazare suburban rail lines. It is also served by Île-de-France tramway Line 2 , which stops twice in the commune, at Belvédère and Suresnes Longchamp.

The Pont de Suresnes carries the Allée de Longchamp, one of the main traffic arteries, from the Bois de Boulogne over the Seine into the western suburbs of Paris.


Suresnes is located along the Seine . For centuries, the river was used for fishing and transporting goods or people, while the village was isolated, with neither a bridge nor a main road. The development of transport contributes to the opening up of the city: in addition to the rail network.

Historically, the only way to cross the Seine at Suresnes was by ferry  ; the closest bridges were at Neuilly and Saint-Cloud. The ferry made it possible to reach the Bois de Boulogne and the Abbey of Longchamp , then Paris. In 1840, the construction of a suspension bridge 7 meters wide began; This last bridge was replaced in 1950 by the current bridge.

The first dam-lock was built between 1864 and 1869. A second was built between 1880 and 1885 to improve river traffic between Paris and Rouen  At the start of the 21st century, the building sees pass 7 million tons per year.

Suresnes Bridge


The Foch Hospital is a private healthcare establishment of collective interest.

The mayor manages the Raymond-Burgos Municipal Medical Center (CMM). This health establishment provides city care and carries out a prevention and health education activity. The specialties present are general medicine, medical gynecology, nutrition, nursing, pedicure, dental-surgery, oral-surgery / stomatology and orthodontics (for children under 16) .

For the elderly, Suresnes has three residential homes, three nursing homes and four club homes.


Suresnes is located in the academy of Versailles .

The town has 22 nurseries and three childminders’ relays, able to accommodate a total of 700 young children.

The oldest school in Suresnes still in operation is the Jules-Ferry school, in the city center, opened in 1875.

The Hauts-de-Seine department also manages three colleges: the Jean-Macé  college , the Émile-Zola college and the Henri-Sellier college .

The Île-de-France region manages two high schools  :

  • the high school Paul Langevin,
  • and the Louis-Blériot vocational school .

Suresnes hosts the INSHEA (Higher National Institute for Training and Research for the Education of Young People with Disabilities and Adapted Teaching, on the site of the former full-service school. -air) and ENSIATE (Higher Education in Engineering Applied to Thermal, Energy and Environment). 

Louis-Blériot vocational school


Businesses and shops 

From the Middle Ages to contemporary times, the economic activity of Suresnes is mainly oriented towards the exploitation of meadows and vines on the slopes of Mont Valérien, whose reputation contributes to the fame of the village. The pilgrimage to the Calvary also led to the development of reception structures for the faithful in the region (hotels, taverns, etc.). In the middle of the xix th  century, the banks of the Seine see build taverns to customers especially Parisians, as and as the transport links to the capital becomes denser (trains, trams, boats). .

Initially focused on the pioneering industries of the automobile ( Darracq , Talbot , Le Zèbre , Latil or even Saurer ) and aviation ( Levavasseur , Nieuport and Blériot Aéronautique ) from the years 1890-1900, Suresnes then saw the establishment other companies such as the receiver station manufacturer La Radiotechnique or the Olibet biscuit factory. 

xxi th century 

The main centers of activity and research present in Suresnes are the Foch , Philips and Placo hospitals. Louis Dreyfus Armateurs , Servier (pharmaceutical), Bel (agro-food), Comme J’aime, Kaefer Wanner (French leader in thermal insulation), Subsea 7 (underwater infrastructures) and Messer France (gas) are also there their seat.

Suresnes has two markets: the Zola market, open-air on the Place du Général-Leclerc , in the city center (Wednesdays and Saturdays mornings), and the Caron-Jaurès market, under a covered hall, near the city -garden (Thursday and Sunday morning).

Local Culture and Heritage 

Places and monuments 

The town includes many monuments listed in the general inventory of the cultural heritage of France:

  • The Paul-Langevin high school.The high school, formerly nursery and primary school, has a swimming pool and a gymnasium classified as a historical monument  ;
  • The Carnot cemetery and the Voltaire cemetery ;
  • At Mont Valérien  ;
  • Jean-Vilar Theater  ;
  • Garden city of Suresnes  ;
  • The open-air school of Suresnes ;
  • Suresnes dam-lock .
Jean-Vilar Theater in the heart of the 
garden city of Suresnes 

Cultural events and festivities 

Opposite the town hall is the municipal village hall, erected by Édouard Bauhain and Raymond Barbaud in 1897.

True to its history of wine in Suresnes is led annually by the Harvest Festival (the 1 st  weekend of October). This festival honors the end of the harvest of the vines of the city with its brotherhood created in 1984, which meets to taste the wine produced; it is celebrated with parades, street performances , concerts and a fun fair.

Organized at the ParisLongchamp racecourse , the Solidays music festival takes place every summer on the border of Suresnes, in the Bois de Boulogne . The city is therefore an important access point to the event.

Urban and Social History Museum

The urban and social history museum of Suresnes  opens on June 8, 2013 in the old building of the Suresnes-Longchamp station .

Presenting the evolution of the city, it is particularly focused on the social town planning of the years 1920-1930. Through seven sequences, visitors thus discover the religious and military past of Mont Valérien , the agricultural and wine-growing history of the city, then the industrial past with its laundry , biscuit , perfume , aeronautic, automobile and household appliance companies ( Olibet , Coty , Worth , Darracq , Blériot , or even La Radiotechnique, now Philips ).

The museography is modern and interactive, with many multimedia for all audiences. The architectural project was entrusted to the architects “Encore Happy” . It is based on the old Suresnes-Longchamp station, rehabilitated and equipped with a modern extension, to accommodate the temporary exhibition spaces, the workshop, the documentation center.

The museum

Gastronomic specialties 

  • The branches (chocolates).
  • The suresnoises strolls.

Suresnes wine 

Located on the slopes of Mont Valérien, 4 rue du Pas Saint-Maurice, and offering a panoramic view of Paris, the Suresnes vines count around 5,000 feet, for an annual production of 4,000-5,000 bottles per year, sold in the markets, at the tourist office and on the Internet. In the middle of the site is the cellar, a modern building designed according to the plans of the oenologist Jacques Puisais .The cellars of the winegrowers can be visited by appointment.

Municipal vineyards of Suresnes, in Pas-Saint-Maurice


In addition to the Maurice-Hubert stadium, the Raguidelles swimming pool and the Jean-Moulin stadium, the historic sports facilities of Suresnes, the city has many buildings dedicated to sport, sometimes located on the border of the neighboring municipalities of Rueil-Malmaison and Nanterre . It thus has three gymnasiums, two sports centers, two tennis clubs, four bowling alleys and an equestrian center.

The city hosts 60 sports clubs, which have 9,300 licensees, including:

  • White Harriers Suresnes (WH Suresnes), athletics club
  • Jeunesse sportive de Suresnes (JSS), a football club
  • Rugby club suresnois (RCS), rugby club
  • Suresnes Basket Club, basketball club
  • Suresnes Water sports
  • Benattia Brothers, Thai boxing club.
  • Suresnois figure skating club.



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